some days don't make a lotta sense

learning to live with pain and confusion - and then without personal clarity or motivation at times.

This day may not make a lot of sense - but perhaps this journal is a kind of

focal point of reference. I don't know. Maybe I have gotten so used to mulling

over my experience that to write is just a daily 'check in' for me.

Work went alright. Felt knocked around at times but it's important to keep going.

I am coming more to the conclusion that keeping going in the face of pain and confusion is what life serves.

I came home and was totally different in my p.o.v.- unused to the way I was seeing things. Ate a big lunch

and watched TV. Tried to take a nap - but no such luck. Tossed and turned. I decided not to keep my date

at the gym. I have been trying to keep that a routine starting this week. One day off may not be so bad.

Changing subjects - I think I might get a cat from the local shelter. Not sure. I think though it's time. My Dad is allergic - so it would be hard on him. So I am not sure.



being home and alone with your pain and confusion can MAGNIFY it! So I better keep busy. I wanna cat! ha!
Community LeaderSunCloudJD

Big hug for you sweetie as you work through what ails you.... I think journaling can help.... Good for you getting it out and down on paper

Do you ever reread old journals.... I did this when in the hospital and on occasion I reread old journals on here and I'm always surprised by them when I do

Another hug my dear friend.....xo

thanks Jan! I bet I would be surprised as well! xx you are tha bomb!!

My all time favorite M*A*S*H scene is one where Radar O'Reilly was leading a hung-over Colonel Blake through the daily signature collection, reciting forms, numbers and what-not as he shuffled the papers in front of him. Colonel Blake turned his rheumy eyes to Radar and asked, "Do you understand any of this, Radar?"

"I try not to, Sir," Radar quipped efficiently. "It slows things down."

The Arf moral of the story is that understanding is over-rated. When life doesn't make sense, just grab the popcorn and kick back for the show.

me likey!