so tired

I couldn't sleep last night. I had such a good day on Sunday, and then I couldn't calm my mind down. My eyes were tired, my body was tired, but my mind wouldn't quiet down. I finally drifted off around two. Had the worst time today at work. Couldn't wait to leave. Left early. Narrowly avoided a panic attack in the meeting. Ate chips due to anxiety. Didn't want dinner, not hungry at all, but ate some edamame and a coconut milk yogurt. Took my meds about an hour ago. Trying to head off the hangover again. I need to take them earlier than I do. Maybe even 4 o'clock?I really wanted to go work out, but I was picturing myself falling off of the treadmill I am so exhausted.Pdoc appt tomorrow. I am always hoping for a miracle. God why can't I just get better? This is affecting my work so much. I can't think anymore. No memory, no thought processes, no follow through.