So my sister is having a restraining order taken out on my brother.

I cna't get any new cause or reason for her making this move other than all the things she has previouly said. Maybe she finaly got fed up with him and how he bullies her. He of course denies doing anything to warrant any of this and says she is lieing.
I"ve told my sister that I did not think this was the best thing to do, that it was going to far and she only needs to stop calling hi8m and stop doing things with him and ask him to not visit and call her anymore. But she says she is doing the right thing and he needs to learn a lesson and stop being mean to people.
This is causing me stress, exsaperated by the fact that Keith had just finished turning her life up side down by getting his friend to be the one to work with her helping her around the house, cleaning and cooking. Now Alisa has told us that my brother's friend has threatened to hit her when she got angry at her. This means she can no longer work for her but the woamn is pushing it and trying to get my sister to let her come over and continue to work.
So my brother is calling me and trying to get me to help him with her. How can I help him when I more or less agree with my sister that he has been mean to her and bullies her. That doen'st mean I thin she should get a restraining order agasint him but he really needs to learn some boundaries and stop trying to do more than he should based on what he thinks is best rather than what might actually be best for her.
I was very shaky and anxious when I started this but feel much better now. I guess I need someone to vent to or maybe jsut write it out to get my thoughts together.
thanks Journal.
Maybe her getting a restraining order against my brother will teach her something about being independant and taking care of herself rather than let others decide things for her even if they aren't what she wants or needs. I really don't think it will teach my brother anything. He wil shift the blame and not see how he caused it as he does with everything else that goes against his own ideas of how the world should be.