So much to do, so little energy

A big thanks to everybody for checking in on me and keeping me in your thoughts.

I've been under so much stress the past few months, mentally and physically.

1). I HATE the new DS!  I haven't had the time, energy and patience to figure it out!   And, where are our photos?

2). Tim...  Everyone know about him falling off of the ladder.  Well, before he was back to normal, fruits and veggies started coming in, ergo canning and freezing time!  That's a lot of work.  Two of our dogs were snake bit,  Lizzie and Allie, while they were following Tim blackberry picking.  Luckily, the snakes were copperheads, so they lived to tell the tales.

3). I got sick about the time I canned the tomatoes.  Stayed sick for 6 weeks.  Swollen tonsils with big yellow streaks, swollen lymph nodes, tremendous head congestion ........  3 trips to the dr. Did no good.  I just had to ride it out.

4)  Family that we hadn't seen in many years came to visit Labor Day weekend  .......  Much cooking and eating and talking.  You may think it's weird, but we visited cemeteries.  They wanted to put flowers on the graves of my uncle (died in '09) and grandmother died in '69).  It's an Eastern Kentucky mountain folk thing.  Great visit..... loved seeing them again!  Here's a story for ya:  one of the visitor's was my mother's cousin, who is only 5 years older than me., and was raised in a city.  She used to come down with her family and visit every summer when we were kids.  I had a sorrell roan horse back then, gentle as a kitten.  Cousin wanted to ride my horse.  So, my dad went to the barn, saddled the horse and brought her to the house.  When the cousin went to mount the horse, she put the wrong foot in the stirrup.  Ta da!  The cousin wound up sitting on the horse backwards.  We were too busy laughing to help her!  True story!  I introduced this cousin to Tim as the  city girl who rode Dusty Cloud, aka "Cloudy", backwards.

5). My daughter's horse is now foundered - very lame, much trouble walking. She can barely walk and is in much pain.  We have a ferried coming tomorrow to work on her and bring some meds.   My daughter lives about 35 miles away, so I'm checking on the horse.  The horse is in a pasture with my niece's pony, as well as my brother's and my dad's cows.  They be some doggone mean cows in the mix, and some young baby calves, so I have to be extremely cautious when I tend to the horse.  The horse is staying up on top of the hill under a big sycamore tree.  The pond is a bad walk downhill for a foundered horse, so I am very much afraid she is not getting enough water, if any at all.  After the cows wandered away last night, I took buckets of water up to the horse -  killer walk --- 200+ yards to the top of the hill.  Gonna do it again today if it kills me!  Belle Starr ( the horse) is 21 years old, now.  My daughter had her hands all over her as soon as she was born.  Rachel towel dried her.

the reason the horse is foundered:  When a horse gets too much lush, green grass and clover for a long period of time, it will founder the horse.   We had a historically wet summer this year, so everything stayed spring green through this past week!  Also, Belle Starr has white hooves.  White hooves are softer than dark ones and wet weather makes them even softer.

That is a very condensed summary of what I've been up to.  I'm tired.  I'm hurting physically.  But, I'm still going.  2 or 3 years ago, I wouldn't have been physically able to take care of Tim and Belle Starr, so I guess I'm doing okay.  Just got too much on my plate!  "Hi" to every body.  Don't give up on me.  When things calm down and I recover, I'll start catching up on hugs!



Wow, that's a lot! The new DS is beyond exasperating. There are no pictures. I hate to break that news to you. This "upgrade" has been a giant disappointment. I'm sorry you were sick for so long. Yeah, going to the doctor is rarely helpful. It's just hard to lie in bed and wait for it to go away when the world keeps turning all around you. But, in the end, it's the best thing to do. Good to hear from you. Much love. Heather.

So good to hear from you Nancy! Goodness, you have been a busy girl!

I love reading your journals. Your life is so different from this city girl! Canning foods, horses, snakes, it's a really enoyable read and an education!

Sorry you got so sick and it lasted for such a long time. Fortunately, here you are. You have been missed!

When you are able, fool around with DS. it is possible to work the site. NO PHOTOS! THAT BROKE MY HEART, however, they have slowly fixed the things we complain about, and maybe they'll fix this too! Here's Hoping! ♡♡

Its good to hear from you pr. Glad the dogs survived the snake bites. Sorry you are so sick
I was raised in the country on my gf farm, and visiting cemeteries is something we did, It was right down the road from gf farm. Hope that the horses get better. Your a true country strong girl,hauling that water up for the horse. I would too. Take care PR.♥

sure did enjoy your wonderful update! so much to take in from all you shared! despite the hurdles life in the country still sounds really good.......for the soul. every time i had time i would head to the country the mountains or to a lake. my boss was always trying to turn me into a city girl......he kicked it off by taking me to see Cher.......he did make me laugh. one time he asked me what the allure was in guys who wear flannel and jeans........i just had to shake my head. he is city through and guy in particular my boss called the whittler.......cause he wore boots and jeans boss was a crack up in an involuntary way.

still shaking my head and chuckling about the cousin who rode Cloudy backwards.....mercy! i rode with my best friend patty as a little girl, the boys hit the owooogah horn and buckshot took off ......through the ditch, through the field, under the clothesline at the neighbor's house several miles down the road.......i heard patty holler DUCK and i ducked........i held on for dear was only my second time on a horse and i was purely scared! suddenly buckshot stopped. a hard sudden brake of her hooves and off i was like i turned into watery jello and couldn't hold on one second more. i got teased for a long long time about that........the boys got their backsides tanned to startling buckshot.........the boys put "bucket seats" made of actual chore buckets in their about COUNTRY! ........amazing that you were able to haul buckets of water all that way to a beloved horse. amazed by your strong dedication and love for this dear horse.......thinking of your daughter right there from the time it was born. it's incredible watching a foal clamber to it's feet the first unsteady and awkward and incredibly adorable. really enjoyed all your news, and wanted to say thank you for such a terrific update. as always you are spending a lot of time in OVERDIDIT, KY, but i get why you do all you many things are such strong traditions and you are country strong.....admire you my dear friend. God Bless.......hope your Tim is greatly improved since his fall........can't believe you do so much canning. my momma did all of that, but i have never tried as a growed up girl.......not even once. i am such a slacker compared to my own momma. love you sunshine........again glad to read this in depth update! you are a dear friend......hugs!