so far in 2012

1. Tried pot and was high after three hits.
2. Downed 10 pills in one handful, 8 in another handful an hour later, all while drinking nearly three cans of Monster.
                     -What I hallucinated..
                          a. That I was at my house, I wanted to use my laptop but couldn't find it (because I wasn't at my house)
                          b. That my friend had shrooms and I was trying to get them from her because I didn't think my high was high enough, I hallucinated that she gave the (nonexisting) shrooms to someone else (who wasn't there)
                           b. Because I thought I was at my house, I kept trying to find my digital clock but my friends feet were on it, so I tried to move them but quietly because I thought she was asleep (In reality I don't think she was)
                           c. At one point I was watching tv (we were watching Adult Swim) and a commercial came on (or I thought it did) it was like "The Ring"'s video only super weird, like this super furry, cat was floating across the screen, almost coming out, and all these weird bright images. I tried to ask my friend if it was real but she wouldn't answer me (turns out I was mumbling to myself all night)
                           d. I thought we were driving back to the store to buy even more pills and we ran into my parents (neither of which happened) and I wanted a higher high so I kept trying to take more hits but couldn't figure out how to use the lighter or light my pipe once it was lit.
 Downsides to one fucking amazing night! 
1. I lost my vision, I could see, but nothing close up. Trying to text was impossible.
2. Standing up, you feel like your legs are made of rubber, or melting jello. 
3. According to my friend, I spilled Monster all over her bed xD
 4. The first time you try pot (same thing with cigarettes) it burns your thoat.
All in all.... I'm looking forward to more nights just like this one xD