Smokey was my Soul Mate & blessing from God.

Smokey was my Soul Mate and my blessing from  God.  Do you believe in Soul Mates?  I wonder if there is more than one soul mate for an individual. 
Soul Mate qualifications if you are equal in the following:
1.  Spiritually
2.  Mentally
3.  Emotionall
4.  Physically
These are the qualifications of a Soul Mate.  Smokey was mine.  I was wondering if there is more than one Soul Mate for a person.  Dave and I have been dating for 3 months now.  Things are going pretty good.  I was thinking about the Soul Mate thing yesterday and wonder if anyone else who believes in Soul Mates thinks about all this.  I am not sure if Dave and I are Soul Mates but we certainly do have a lot of things going for our relationship.
1.  We accept one another
2.  We are attracted to one another
3.  We like and respect one another
4.  We have things in common
5.  We are developing a caring, close, kind & loving relationship with one another
6.  We are similar to one another but different, which adds the spice
Dave is everything that I wanted in a man.  I feel really blessed to have Dave in my life.  He is a good man.  I listed 53 good points so far that I could see about Dave and 6 bad points.  It's not too shabby at all.  I am a list maker so this comes naturally to me.
Each time I develop a new relationship I can see the positive and negative things about the man.  Sometimes I have to think twice about the negative aspects before I continue on in my new relationship.  It is the same this time round.  With my first husband Gary, I married  him and got divorced.  With Smokey, we talked about the things I had problems with, settled the issues and were together ten years before he died.  With Dave, I am thinking about the negative things about him.  I will see if it is necessary to discuss them or just for me to think things thru.  I will reach my own conclusions with God's help. 
Those who believe in Soul Mate - do you believe there is only one Soul Mate for each person or do you believe there is more than one Soul Mate for each person.  I am curious.  I haven't decided anything on this issue. 
Curious minds would like to know, which is me Diane Baillie



I do believe in soul mates. Jim and I were identical in our values and thinking.......we never ever had a cross work about anything. I can\'t imagine that there could be another relationship like that for me. Interesting question.
Hugs, Dianne

I dont know, Diane, my soul mate died, and it dont look like there is another one for me, its been 20 months, today, since loosing my Kelly, and although I am not looking now, I have looked, and have been disappointed, to the point, I dont even wanna look anymore, if a special lady, comes into my life, that would be great, but I dont think so, to be honest,.. just my opinion, your friend, Dave

Hi Dianne
Firstly sorry to comment on your journal before even sending you a friendship request. I just happened to notice that a very dear friend of mine commented here. I do believe that there can be more than one soul mate, but for that to happen you need to open up your soul and let him in. It might take some time and the relationship is still new, give it time go grow and accept him for what he is. I can sense from you journal how special Smokey was, just remember there that although there can be more than one soul mate, no two will ever be the same, and only you can accept that. I wish you all the best in your relationship.