Smoke Signals at night

All day at the office micro-fishing with chips
Inoffensive Bob Cratchit, sweet natured, hair lipped.
Computing packed lunches with neat mega-bytes
Efficient and no threat, Bob always has time. And he..
Takes off his glasses, the better to listen, he..
closes his eyes to now let me see. And...
All of his journeys have deep sense of mission. And...
All of his senses know journeys of joy.
But in the dark in bed he's reading:
Smoke signals, sleeping in the raw, smoke signals in the night.
De-sign language, eisteddford of the spheres - No remorse code melodies.
Mild mannered Bob frees all the sur-realities,
bounden duty overthrown. Mainspring peep-holes and -
What the butler saw: 'Smoke signals in the night'
Resign BASICs, assuage the day to daily blackmail cypher of machines
Sees how the past and future lies - scenarios of paradise.
Become as one with stone. All that remains unseen and-
What the Butler saw: 'Smoke signals in the night'
Vivian Stanshall 1981