Small Request.......look for the maroon section, lol!

It would please me very much to send you a holiday card.......celebrating my time at DS, joined in November 2010 and want to deepen my connections with friends and live the reason for the season with daily goals to write Christmas cards.
In the meanwhile, pat me on the head and tell me "Good Girl."  It's my 3rd time out of bed today.
I got hope........I do, somewhere, it's probably in the silverware drawer or maybe it accidentally fell into the freezer.  It'll turn back a little while.
Feel so bad I rescheduled my rheumy appt for tomorrow until mid Dec.  Occurred to me to take my temp, it has been just above 94 all day........94.1 and now it is 94.3.  Saggy baggy draggy Momma face.
I know I'm not supposed to pick on me, sometimes I forget the promise not to pick......feel kind of aggravated.  I will curl up on the couch in a sec, making a cup of hot the end of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special to lift my spirits.  I'm being a debbie downer cause I'm feelin all achy breaky. 
All I did was run errands.  At the pharmacy.  I parked outside and walked to the back instead of using the convenient drive through.  Greg, the pharmacist said, " walked back to see us today!"  He sounded so pleased.  I was pleased too........I really's just that sometimes I feel like a small child performing for the growed folks.  All the while knowing that every choice is an eventual time out in the room with the big bed. 
Nice thing?  I got a $15 discount at the drugstore because of their points program.  Next time I can get $10 off IF I REMEMBER my receipts from this time.  La la la la ....we'll see.  Reasons to practice memory building skills.
From there I went to get a pedi/mani.  Got plum colored polish this time.....wahoo.  They were very nice, the owner had given me a discount coupon for next time.  I had completely forgotten, but she reminded me.....that was mighty nice of her! 
From there I went to the gas station, I had just started pumping gas when a lady pulled up on the other side, rolled down her window and asked me if the sign was true.  I said "What sign?"  That's me ol' eagle eye.  There is an sign at the front displaying gas prices, it said that regular was only $3.06 a gallon today.
Huh.........she said the pump on her side said $3.16.  The pump on my side said $3.06.  ?????  Advised her to ask the man inside.  He was watching us jabber......poked his head out, it was misting and getting cold. 
The lady asked why the two pumps had different prices ...... I joked it was cause I was so young and purty......LOL.......this lady was 20 years younger and had waist length blond hair........THE obvious winner!!!!  The guy smiled and explained that at Murphy's there is a 10 cent discount per gallon if you use a Wal-Mart gift card and a 15 cent discount if you pay with a Wal-Mart credit card. 
Well neither one of us had either, but the pump I was at was confused - I got the discounted price.  Guess it was my day for little savings blessings.
From there I rode the electric cart around Wal-Mart.  This cart had a lot of pep, so I zipped around and looked at all kinds of things, from toys for kids to Christmas decorations.  I got some little things, some sparkly decorations.....they come 12 in a box for $3......and say JOY.  Pretty!
I looked at one of those foot bath deals that offers heat and bubbles.  I wonder if they are any good or not.  My feet get so cold in winter, sometimes I fill a plastic dishpan w/hot water to warm and ease my feet.  Wonder if this is much of a difference really.  Ya'll ever try one? 
Special note:  I would very much like to send ya'll a Christmas card this year.  If you feel comfy sending me your address, I would love to send you a holiday card......please PM me your details and I will do my best to write out a two card minimum every day.  I forgot stamps, but I promise I will get some. 
Ya'll are my friends and I would like to celebrate you with a small token of JOY! 
And a special thanks to those of you who have already shared your info with me, xoxo!
Hopefully I'll feel a bit better soon and be able to handle my usual honey dos.  Want to encourage you on your way through life.......sometimes getting across one room seems so far, but with ya'll as friends I feel encouraged EVEN on days when I feel kind of grouchy like today.  Even my hair hurts. 
Love and Hugs,
P.S. If I can accomplish my holiday card sending goal it will be the first time in a good while.......praying for your encouragement and for your own holiday spirit!  xo
No obligation to participate, just if you feel comfy ok??????  OK!



What a busy day and a mani/pedi too? A girl after my own heart! Do you get shelac polish (lasts doesn\'t chip)? Feels great after eh? I\'ve seen those foot bath things and wonder the same. See alot of them at garage sales I\'d go with the dispan route first. Maybe google them for reviews too. Debbie Downer visits us all, from time to time, you\'re not alone. I have yet to meet someone without some kinda pain, worry, or stress. Boy, what would life be without those 3 evils, huh? I think you have my address so that\'ll be almost like \'meeting\' for real :) HUGS Ruth, have a nice one! xo

Thanks Rusters, I do have your address already.........hope to send out cards to a lot of my treasured DS pals this year! My temp is coming back up......94 degrees wipes me out, today I am 96.8 which is good for me......I feel semi normal lol! I have a lot of honey dos to do and need to keep pacing to get them done...........hugs!

Plum colored polish, yummy.

WOW! What a day! I thought I was overdoin it! YOU are overdoin it too! We shall most likely get nailed tomorrow or the day after with second day syndrome ( do ya just luv the positivity I\'m spreadin here?)...BUT, it\'s so worth it to be a normal person, getting their nails done, and shopping with real people around! Ain\'t it great. Ahhhhhhhh, it\'s the little things! The big things ain\'t so bad either!

Glad you made it to the pharmacy and the gas station too! It was one of those \"good\" days....little miracle days, where we realize, that we\'re still in these bodies....somewhere, and somedays, we are blessed with freedom from this hideous illness.

GOOD FOR YOU TODAY, SPARROW! Hope you get all the needed addresses for your project. Sounds wonderful!

God keeps nudging me to reach out more..........and to lol, work on my\'s so rare that I write with something other than a keyboard anymore.................nitie nite!

That\'s strange about gas prices. It was your lucky day! I understand those seemingly small accomplishments such as walking in vs drive thrum at the pharmacy. I want to send out ards this year too. I keep forgetting its sk close to Christmas because the high today is in the 80s. Santa is going to need air conditioning for his sleigh to visit my neighborhood this year.