So I continue to walk almost on a daily basis with my sister or my mom. I continue to limp sometimes more than others but I have to continue to do it for my health. Tonight when José got home he told me that last night while I was sleeping he started to touch my head and when he got to the ridge on it I started to complain of pain in my sleep. It was shocking to learn that even in my sleep I complain of pain. I explained to him that the ridge on my head continues to be there but it is not as big as it used to be not does it swell as often. I was hoping it would have completely vanishd by now but that is not the case. These last couple of days my left arm has hurt a little more than last week but I think it might have to do with the cold fronts we have been having. Today while we took my sister to work we drove by two horrific car accidents which made me think how these new cars are built so disposable. There were car parts all over the place. I swear these cars can no longer take any crashes they get dented with a simple kick or pieces fly on impact. There is nothing like cars from the 70's that even if you try to dent it you will probably hurt yourself trying.