Sleep eludes me

Last night I spent a great time with my youngest son, Hunter, and his girlfriend, Brooke. ( His is a Jr. in HS and she just completed her Sr year in December at a nearby town). Brooke lives with her Grandma "Pauka" who lives and takes care of an elderly woman,Mary Kay, who has dimentia. Pauka is getting ready to have back surgery and Brooke is going to live there and take care of both women while her Grandma recoops.
I have to say that I am so impressed with both Brooke and Hunter. They are both very caring kids, whose families are the center of who they are. They are not demanding of us or eachother. They treasure hanging out with their families and eachother. I know they are young and in love and the odds that they will be "forever" is not in their favor. But I pray that they continue to grow in who they are and with eachother and God blesses them with futures that will make them proud of themselves and eachother.
Hunter and I ate dinner with Brookes' family and Mary Kay and then they tried to teach me how to play spades. It was fun to be around laughter and smiles for a short time. It was even better to see Hunter enjoying himself and not so wrapped up in how I am feeling and doing. It wasn't long before we realized it was almost 10pm and Hunter and I still had an hours drive home and Hunter had school play practice in the morning at 7am. We called it a night and Hunter and I headed home.
When we got home, I quickly got myself in my jammies and crawled in bed with my laptop, ready to do more work on our business. ( I had been playing all afternoon and had some business to take care of.) I worked until amost 1am and thought I'd try to get some sleep. But as I lay in bed, my thoughts and the lonliness of my bed seemed to overtake me and I began to curse Jeff for leaving me. And of course, the tears came and I cried until I was exhausted and finally around 3am, I fell asleep!
Today, I awoke at my usual 7:30am and began my day working on the business from my home office. Tired, very tired. But I feel like I have moved just a baby step forward and have shed some of the pain behind me.



I always feel better after I cry for awhile.......I\'m so glad that you really like Hunter\'s girlfriend, and I\'m sure it helps him to have her to lean on also.