Silly Me

This is my silly side, hamming it up at the cottage. Give me a glass or two of wine and away I go. Cheap drunk. LOL I don’t really get drunk, I’m not into that, I have social drinks that’s it.Nothing much new here today. The weather is it’s usual crappy self. Tomorrow we are suppose to have Hannah right straight through our back door. We can expect about 4 inches of rain and very high winds. Michael and I will have to move the lawn furniture, planters, feeders etc to a safe place.The couple from Montreal are suppose to come this weekend. Still not sure what day. They are suppose to arrive in the Moncton Airport at 11:00 this morning. It is now 10:00. I know that they meet with an agent at 1:00 that will be showing them homes in the Moncton area ( a very nice little city ). She was suppose to email me back to set up a time and she hasn’t. Perhaps she is planning on calling. It just means that I can’t leave the house because I may miss her call. That sucks!!! Oh, well, that’s life! I don’t get the feeling that they will buy the house even though she was right on board from the first day or so that it went on the market. I’ll just let the Lord handle this. Anyway, that’s all for today. Be well, my friends. Debbie