Sick of eating baby food!

With all this stress and anxiety i've become sicker than before. And of course the doctor can't do a thing about it right now until my medicine comes in from Canada. I tried to start eating solid foods about a week ago and wasn't doing too bad, was sick from time to time but I was making progress. Now i'm back down to baby food and crackers if i'm lucky. All the doctor said I could do was wait for my pills and just go to the ER for dehydration when I start feeling weak. And I know the ER is sick of seeing me all the time, justĀ  begging for some relief from all this damn pain. I can't even clean my small apartment without getting weak and dizzy. The stress of my boyfriend makes it worse. He never really cared about me being sick, it has always just been an inconvenience to him. So I put on a happy face and pretend like i'm okay, i've had to do that in front of my boss too just so she'll let me work some days. I finally told her the other day when she said that I was looking better that I put on a smile in front of her and it's hard for me to do my job. She's been really accomodating throughout all of this. She fights so hard with corporate for me to keep my full time even though I can't do my hours. If I don't get in my full time hours i'll lose my insurance, if I lose my insurance I can't go to the doctor and get better. It's a vicious cycle as my boss says. Please dont' wake me up until 2011.



Medical is a pain in the kisser! We all need doctoring and no one can afford it! I will be praying and that the pills help you get better and THAT THEY HURRY UP AND GET TO YOU!