Sense of accomplishment

I started out the day feeling overwhelmed and sad. With the help of my sister and her husband, and my brother, I ended up getting so much accomplished today that I actually feel pretty good tonight. I got rid of so much garbage and stuff that has been sitting here because my hubby isn't around to handle it like he always did.I sent 2 loads to the landfill. Of course, that also included the debris from my bathroom. My bathroom is ton apart for the renovation, and I have no bathtub, but all the crap is cleaned up and not left lying around. My little sister is so awesome. She knew that would add to my stress if I had to work around the clutter, so she made sure to get it all out of here. Once I got started with the yard cleanup, I just wanted to keep going. The sun felt so good. I actually raked up the dead grass left lying around after the young boy mowed the lawn the other day. Rob always loved mowing the lawn and it was gorgeous when he was finished. It's been over a year since I had a nice looking lawn. It goes so long between mowing now, and everyone who has done it so far just leaves the clippings lying there. It felt so good being outside and accomplishing something that I even weeded my flower bed.I am tired, but it's a good tired. It's not that usual bone tired feeling of weariness due to depression and a sense of helplessness, and just generally feeling overwhelmed.  It's a feeling of being tired because I have accomplished something today. I can actual change my feeling smiley today to something a little more positive.