ive been getting headaches and stomach aches.  heart palpatations.  dizziness at times. im stressed. i bought some books.  why men cheat and after the affair.  im trying 2 give myself something constructive 2 do. better than masturbating or fussing at my husband. i cant b over this so soon.  it still comes 2 mind.  what am i supposed 2 do 2 not lose my mind?



What you are supposed to do in order not to lose your mind is to:
1. Go to the beauty parlor and get your hair done.
2. Buy a new outfit.
3. Have a make over.
4. Think \'Beyonce\' and just do nice things for yourself, be good to yourself.

I think men cheat because they get this mid life crisis or whatever and think \'hmmm, I wonder what it would be like to have her? \' And then when some sweet thing pays attention to them, they think \'oh I still have it\' and then they go after that until they realize that divorce is costly, so is child support and that that sweet young thing is very expensive to entertain and keep happy.

With the headaches and the stomach aches and the palpatations you are allowing the frustration of all of this to get to you. Look at it as a moment to dig down deep inside and take charge of yourself, and make yourself strong and beautiful and tough and he has to make a choice. He can\'t have the both of you. And if he choses the sweet young thing then pack his stuff up and boot him out the door and tell him that he is and will be expected to pay child support and alimony until you can get yourself sorted out fiscally. But when he sees you not a wreck, not with heart palipatations and not dizzy, and he sees you with a Beyonce state of mind, and looking strong and powerfull and I am Woman hear me roar, and if you want to make some lovin\' honey with me tonight you better get on your knees sir and tell me you are one sorry pull yourself up girl and get going. Don\'t let him see you weak and sniviling and beggin to love love yourself...and get into that Beyonce state of mind.


he doesnt have a choice 2 make. i do. i do not have to stay with him.