Scrunch Time

It's summer final week for me.  Tonight I have written a speech/made a presentation, studied for literature final & took notes for my essay question, and prepared my ideas to insert with my group's on the literature presentation we give Wednesday.  I also picked up my son's school schedule, talked with the school counselor, and whew.
I'm not feeling too much like I'm whining, at least.  I am doing better that I expected with the time crunch.  I'm just a little bit whining because I haven't been sleeping well due to the stress of my son situation, but such is life - likes to throw several things at you at once.  I just have my eye on Wednesday when the bulk of my finals are over (just one simple little test Friday) and I can heave a big sigh of relief and have a 10 day break before fall starts - and hopefully regain a bit of energy and plan for managing what's upcoming.