Screaming Music

My thoughts consume me
I can't help it
The want
It's like an itch
An itch underneath the skin
Impossible ti scratch
The need
The craving for their screams
Their screams
Oh they make me shiver
Voicing a pain I myself can't
A song I cannot sing
Tearing their throats apart
Drowning them in blood
Oh those screams
Caused by my hands
Their pain, my pain
A symphony of screams
Filling the open air
Making me dance in the night
As their screams echo through my head
Over and over
A song of pain
It calls
Calls me to conduct the beautiful symphony
To start their wonderful pain
For now, I wait
Wait for the music.
I wrote this poem in 11th grade also. As you can probably tell, I was really angry when I wrote this. I know its awful, but to me it expresses what I feel like when I get really angry. It actually kind of scares me.