tonight i wanna scream. I hate this shit house parents treating me like crap i cant cope with al this shit. Parnts want me to tidy whole house tommorow. Its fucking saturday so they can fuck f i done it all week. tommorow i have plans. I have a life not just a fucking slave. :( I cant do this much longer its driving me insane. making me just wanna end my life more each day as i dont wanna carry on being a slave all the dam time in this house. Its a way out in my eyes way out of my life and being a slave. I would do it once a week for them but not everyday. this taking the piss:(. I cant carry on like this. help me



any chance of moving out?....maybe keep on the hope...that you won\'t be there forever...
And I know ....I often feel like a slave at my dad\'s\'s horrible....