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I finally made it back, really back, I think. I kept popping in and then getting overwhelmed again. Now, I think I'm more back for real! I know I posted before that this has been a hard semester. I've been beating my head against a wall and well, I finally just let it go.
I'm not sure what will happen. I communicated to the Arabic professor that I need to know if I'm going to be able to pass or not. I love him as a person and his energy and passion, but teaching, not my style. He is completely auditory and I'm a very visual learner. I've been coming home and trying to teach myself for hours and hours on end. I've gone into his office many times. On top of the style differences, I have not gotten a single paper back with a grade on it. My tests have said, "ok". I'm feeling lost and I know I have missed WAY more than you really can for such an intense class. I just need to know. I told him today, if you think I will be able to pass, I am completely open to working with a tutor over the break to make sure I'm prepared for spring. If you are not, I need to know, so I can plan for that. It is a 6 hour class and I will have to choose 2 other classes to replace it. Then I will have to wait a year and retake in the fall. I am not liking the feeling of being in limbo.
Between kids, finances and that class, I've practically killed myself this semester. Today, when I finally accepted that it is what is and let it go, I felt a huge boulder lifted off my shoulders. I'm doing that to myself again. I am taking my me time and spending some time here, or I'm going to explode!