School is around the corner.

School is coming up soon and I am excited to get started on the Spring semester. I was looking through some of my old documents and I am pumped to start to become me again. Ever since high school I have excelled in both school and extra activities. I am not sure what happened in the last couple of years and I am sure I want to get back on track no matter what psychological state I am in. I need to push through this and have perseverance with school. This is the most important thing in my life. This is my life. My education will define me and will allow me to excel in the future. Even now when looking for jobs there is a major demand for those with college degrees. I am tired of putting so much time into school and not sinking my teeth into a great job, internship or apprenticeship. I would love to work anywhere from Capital Hill to the Colorado branch of the ACLU. I am anxious to begin my life. Daily, I see guys that I take a second look at... maybe the potential long term partner. I would never want to rush into anything, I simply want a strong home life with a new person I can love and share my life with.  I love school and I cant wait to get back. My mom thinks that my taking a full load of classes is foolish, however, I want to and think I can get through this. I am living with my dad, he is someone who can pick me up and inspire me to do great thinks. I am looking for a new start... a start that I can define and control.  Goodnight moon.