Sat Dec 17, 2016 7 a.m.

Another Sat morning. I alway's get up very early on the weekend. It did the freazing rain here last night evedintly. Supposed to snow here i think tonight. I'm not getting out in this no matter what. Low on cig's of course, figures. Ate too much a whole med pizzza last night and i'm feeling it this morning. I'm such a pig. Starting to gain weight back. Have to be so carefull it comes on so fast and so hard to get off. My oldest lost his wallet yesterday while putting air in his tires, had to get new licence and cancell all his cards i feel so bad for himn. Wish i had money i could send him it sucks to be this poor. trying to save a little for christmas but it is so hard with the bills and food and so forth. OK need more coffee. More later