I love Samhain.   Watching the kids wear costumes (as they were getting off the bus from school) and all the candy.  I know, I shouldn't eat candy but I still sneak one small chocolate bar once in a while. 
I should do a ritual but not sure what I want to do.  Maybe I'll just acknowledge the day and pray for the upcoming new year.   I don't know, I feel rather disconnected even from my religion these days.   I mean, it's changing on me.  I've moved away from what was my path these past few years.  I guess that's the 'ultimate' eclectic.  I still believe but it's merging with more new age philosophy which resonates true with me.   I feel it's right.  
I'm gonna start something new.  An affirmation a day.   Today I will go with:
I easily accept all the good the universe wishes to send me. I am safe and secure.  All is well.