roller coaster...

hey you.......

strains of that song......was it the seventies?  strains of that song play through my empty little head.

(because life so often feels like the mighty roller coaster.....)

today's plan?  get an oil change.  had a coupon, today was the last day to snare the $19.99 deal.  had an appt for 5 pm at a nearby tire store.....checked out prices at other really ranges from almost $40 for a conventional oil change to $2695 and so on.  pays to ask.  but in the end i didn't go anywhere.  wiped out shortly after breakfast and just woke up.......

it's after 3 pm, Thursday Sept 15th.  woke up and lost breakfast.  cancelled my appt......oh well.

why does the tummy have to be so affected by EVERYTHING for so many of us? what is it that our overall suffering isn't enough?  we have to be hybrids in too many ways.  is hybrids the right word here?  uncertain.  unclear, feel like my tummy is floating...seasick. ack. 

i'm making a snack.  a funny odd duck snack.  when i was a kid in elementary school in small town iowa i ate lulnch in the lunchroom like so many kids.  we had tickets.  they could be purchased for a week, two weeks, a month or just for one day.  they must have gotten a great deal on hot dog buns because on non-hotdog days the cooks would serve us huge metal pans covered in baked toasty buttered hog dog buns.

something i have never had or heard of anywhere else beyond our tiny little school.  some 60 plus kids in my class......

the inside of the bun becomes soft and butter sweet, the inside is crunchy and warm.  so i buttered two buns and slid them into the oven, for something simple from way way back ........

not even sure why i remembered that and can't remember so many other things.  take this morning for example, while i was trying to tell myself i was well enough to go out....i realized the alarm wasn't set.  no recollection of turning it off this morning.......sat down and tried to forcethink the answer.  had i taken anything out of the garage.....thus necessitating turning the alarm off?  had i set it the previous night?  i just don't know.

on the plus side, i planted a new houseplant from root babies.  so far so good......not dropping from being transferred.  my living room furnishings have been all changed around......looks like a new room with all my favorite things.  so that's very nice........made a doctor appt (cancelled three weeks ago) for next week, paid the electric i am not without uses around here. 

time to take the buns out of the oven....hold onto little joys.  this cfs/me/seid stuff is nothing to sneeze about. it's tough stuff.  hugs and other little balloons, wind up hopping chicks & bunnies, toy trucks........added two to my living room of all things.  a wooden red truck now holds my colored pencils......and an orange metal tractor makes cool sounds when the front wheel spins.  be a kid forever.......that's my motto.  xoxooxox



Sad, but true, the idea of those hot dog buns is really appealing! Mmm. In my kids school, they put cheese on the hot dog buns and have the kids dip them into marinara. They call them "pizza dippers." OK, whatever helps you sleep at night. You poor dear. I'm so sorry you lost your breakfast. AGH! Hang in there, dear girl.

I'm with you! Being a kid forever is a great idea. My life is like a roller coaster too and sometimes bumpy! Take care of your sweet self!

Hello. Just me. At primary school there was no cafeteria and so we only had whatever we had in our lunch boxes. Sadly I was always hungry and admired other kid's lunches. Still gets to me all these years later. I was as skinny as a rake too. At high school we had a cafeteria and I had a little job after school so I could buy whatever I wanted for lunch or morning tea at school. I could also buy some clothes which meant a lot to me.I like to reveal these little personal things to you. Now I eat too much and I'm too fat. Lol! Making up for lost time from those earlier days in my life. I don't really overeat, I just don't burn it off because of the cfs.
So you changed your living room around Ruthie.They say that change is as good as a holiday. Nah. Not true. We need a holiday Ruthie. A pamper one.Where we get waited on hand and foot. Massage and healing therapies and yummy healthy food delivered to us.
Your house always sounds different with a very individual and artistic flare. I need to add a bit more to mine.Oh well..maybe tomorrow..or tomorrow...or tomorrow.
I wish I could have long sleeps like you do Ruthie. Butter on hot buns too. If I eat butter it agitates my stomach something terrible. Can't eat icecream either. Ever since they took away my gallbladder. Mwah mwah.
Yep I agree that we need to tap into the child within as they say. Be a bit more spontaneous and free, try new things, run wild with the wind.Aww. I'm getting a bit carried away now while I lie here on my bed just in a white towel. I'm not well and it took me all day to get up and into the shower. Now I have to think about putting some clothes on and then lying back down. I'm not impressed...with myself. Too many sick days lately and they're all starting to feel the same. The view out my window is really wearing thin. Like a brainwashed view that won't go away. Might have to buy an electric wheelchair and head for somewhere??? Something has to shift...soon. This play is not working. I need to be a new character in a new story with a bright new fresh view. Better go.Just carrying on like a mental head again. Bye for now.Much love.

The thought of a warm, toasty hot dog bun sounds really good to me. I really miss white bread. The gluten free stuff is not the same. I was always a big fan of elbow macaroni and butter. Not too nutritious, but very delicious. We always had plenty of food at my house, but my mother was not very functional due to illness and depression, so I had to fend for myself from a very young age. No wonder I have strange eating habits now - nervous I won't have the right things to eat. I'm sorry your tummy is so touchy - my diet is so bland and routine I feel crabby about it sometimes!