Ugh!   This morning I had rigors..... the kids are all coming for lunch and I think this gave me stress.  I am so glad I have the Sandostatin shots.  I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Octreotide to give SQ as it stops my symptoms.  It is so scary.  
I want to go back to New Orleans to see the docs but I haven't been scanned or had blood tested in years.  I really really need to do this but....as skinny as I am I just can't see them wanting to operate.  The last time I saw them they thought I looked like I was right out of Ethiopia......  and I was heavier than I am now.  They said I was nutritionally challenged and it would take a year to get back to normal.  It's been almost 4 years and I am still skinny skinny skinny!  I hate this.  I would love to be normal and go back to work.
A new problem I am having now is with my eyes.  I can't use them for more than an hour to read or do my iPhone games.  They get very very blurred.  Even with my 2.5 reading glasses, I can't see after an hour of "use".  I hate this and wonder if it is nutritional or if it has nothing to do with carcinoid???????



Hey girl:
Hope your stress has lightened and you are feeling better this afternoon.
I think it would be good for you to go back to New Orleans....why not go with me..:-) Who do you recommend I see the first time? Who impressed you? All I hear are wonderful things in NOLA. I am anxious to go.
Look up and lets get better together!!