Riding the T wave

Being on T is a different world, that's for certain.
I've been on T almost 4 months, and here's a list of changes I have noted in myself.
1. Libido ad infinitum - sex drive gone wild.
2. Tons of sex dreams - connected to above note
3. Voice dropping, deepening, especially during singing - my throat feels like it's trying to stretch wider all the time.
4. Attitudes - I've become more of a jerk sometimes; and quicker to speak out on things and stand up for myself. I'm watching and trying not to burn any bridges that don't need burning, but it is a challenge sometimes.
5. I write creatively for my own entertainment - and the stories I write have changed in ways I never thought they would. It had not occurred to me that this would happen.
6. Can't go out without having to fight the "Oooooo, BOOBIES!" reflex constantly.
7. I am less emotionally unstable - I don't cry so easily anymore thank God!
8. Chest and shoulder hair - I'm growing more of it, though it is like long, dark "peach fuzz" in patches here and there, beginning to grow together as patches expand. Looks like I'm going to be a Sasquatsh. It itches when I wear a shirt... thin hairs getting caught in weave or knit.
9. Less sensitive to colder temps - I don't feel a need for a coat or jacket most times to keep warm - in fact, lots of the time, I am feeling a bit too warm.
10. Lack of depression!!!
11. The feeling when people you don't know - and people you DO know - all refer to you by the correct - for yourself - gender!
12. energy levels - if the energy created by my libido could be captured, there would be no energy crisis.
13. Less desire to be as open around others - less "sharing" than before, more a sense of "nobody's business but my own".
14. Quicker to anger; am having to take more time before I respond to some people/things/situations because I need to calm my anger and think clearly so I do not over-react. I am discussing this with my therapist.
15. Greater willingness to just let some things go - just drop people/stuff that is not working out or bringing anything of value into my life.
16. Less concerned about what others think of me, more willing to just be myself without worrying about how others might react.
17. Discoveries about my innermost self - the suppressed stuff of decades, coming to light, sorting it all out, seeing what's really part of who I am and what's just baggage I can finally get rid of.
18. Shifting priorities... Things that were once important are no longer, or are less so.
19. Finding my style.
20. Sense of humor - this is a different animal on T, and yes, it has ties to the libido.
21. Appetite - for food - is flunctuating; some days I forget to eat, other days I nibble constantly. Meat is a large part of my diet. alway was. But I have been able to incorporate more fruit and veg.; but pizza is still a main food source - homemade pizza.
22. Once I get up and moving, it is easier to continue moving than before. It is the getting up and moving that's not always easy. Never was much for exercise or sports.
23. Overall body-shape is changing, looking more masculine.
24. My clit... It's changing too, quicker than I though it would. Also, the way my body moves when stimulated has changed - more "thrusting" action of my hips/pelvis than before, and quicker to climax. More repeated sessions, too.
25. Facial features taking on more masculine look - not just the facial hair, the actual shape/size of facial features is changing.
26. Craving milk - I NEVER drank milk, slightly allergic to a protien in it. Now, I chug down a glass or two a day without the allergy response - and crave more. Must need the calcium or something.
27. Vision - might not be connected, but I have also noted a change - worsening - of my vision. Had RK done decades back, now I need glasses for reading always, and sometimes for daily life.
28. I enjoy seeing my reflection now - it's ME! Might not be the most handsome or muscular guy, but it's me in the mirror now.
29. Less touchy about my appearance now.
30. I'm more ok with myself - more accepting of myself, my flaws, and more willing to acknowledge my mistakes and not linger on things.
I'm sure there's more to come.
The other day, I was singing in the shower, and I hit a note so low it vibrated the medicine cabinet door. That's never happened before. I can't hit the higher end of notes I used to sing; but I can hit the lower range with ease. I have noted an octave shift - maybe more than an octave - in my vocal range. Also, if I am hungry, my voice is lower than if I am full. Weird, huh?
My sense of pain has altered... I accidentally impaled my leg on one of my pottery tools, and it took me a few seconds to realize it. Then, instead of freaking out, I calmly tried to pull it out of my leg, but it was in deep, and refused to budge. I actually laughed about it, then pulled a lot harder, and when it came out, I saw it had been over an inch deep in my leg. It exploded blood everywhere, literally soaking my jeans' leg from mid-thigh to mid-calf in a split second or so. Left a tiny pinhole and a huge bruise. I got cleaned up, applied an antibiotic salve and it had quit bleeding, that fast.
Going to get bloodwork done at the dr's is not working so well. I used to bleed a lot any time they stuck me to draw blood, now, they can't get more than a few drops before it stops - I mean from the needles they insert into your arm to draw blood! Used to gush right out and fill those tubes without a hitch, now, it barely even reaches the tube before it stops flowing. I'm drinking more water, too.
I think I want to go dancing; but I hate nightclubs or bars - I don't drink alchohol - so I can't find a place to go; and no one to go dancing with. I want to go waltz; taught myself how long ago.
I have finally gone to look at a type of dating site... and am not going to pay money for that. I need to meet people, and get out more, but......... I never did like social interaction, because I wasn't allowed to be the real me. Now that I am me, I sort of don't know HOW to socialize. Sad, in a geeky way. I also abhore organized religions, so churches are o u t, OUT.
I'll just dance alone in my house. As always.