Refuse to feel guilty

 It infuriates me that there are so many bleeding hearts that are so supportive of sex offenders. Now there are a few un-neccessary registered offenders, teens who have been dating and what not, but majority of the offenders are registered as such because they did the crime. Now, PERSONALLY, I do not think prison and registering as an offender is nearly enough punishment. I do not sympathize or feel ANY compassion for a man or woman who violates, abuses, and hurts an INNOCENT CHILD. And it pisses me off that there are people who use the excuse that they were victims of abuse themselves and that's why. NO! Being abused does not give ANYONE the excuse to abuse another child. If anything it should be something they realize is not ok, and shouldn't be something they do to their own children. I can not stand sex offenders, rapists, and molestors. I don't care if that makes me hypocritical, or harsh, or biased. The man who physically abused me 12yrs, molested me for 3, and emtionally abused me my entire life only got FOUR YEARS and ELEVEN MONTHS in prison, and to register as a sex offender. His term will be over next year. He STILL HAS NOT ACKNOWLEDGED HE DID ANYTHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he will be put back out into society where he can molest other children and pretend to be the good guy he's NOT. I do not feel guilty wishing he had more of a punishment. He mentally and emotionally scarred me, and I'm lucky that I was so strong willed, or I would've committed suicide many years before graduation date. And there are men and women who take things farther and worse than that with children. And I'm being asked to see it as ok. NO! Hell no. I do not, will not, and never will support someone like that. Lower class, history of abuse, or not... There is a special place in hell for all those people.