recuping from dental warfare.

sending out some big crazy love to ya'll!  my thoughts are scattered, but i'm gonna give it a shot......good luck reading through the brain fog!!!!! xoxoxo
i got a bad headache over the week-end that got worse early Monday.  it is beautiful here, but the temps are dropping so the body is having a hard time adjusting.....wondering if i should move the air purifier into the bedroom at night.  it is not on wheels so it might be easier to simply sleep on the  life in the single lane.  the kitties are a part of some anti movers union, say their rates are even higher for friends and family.......what kind of snotty talk is that?
as a person ages it becomes harder to make new friends.  well for this person it does.......i can't keep up with a social a go and do sort of person, so that limits me ummmmmm pretty much completely. 
i am very grateful for each and every DS friend I helps, it comforts, it provides a way to express my thoughts, ways to share and laugh and talk and give and be is a very giving wonderful place......I am blesssed to know and share the road with ya'll.  I am, I treasure you, your friendship.  I need to talk about 3D world as I know it........that world is too small, that world needs expansion. 
I had a horrible want to disappear into oblivion until spring migraine this week-end that carried into Monday.  The day of my big dental appointment. The appointment took two and a half hours, six shots of anesthesia that ended with a breakout of internal & external weirdness --- hives all over my face, neck, chest and arms.........and me falling asleep sitting up. My big day out.  Wahoo.
sometimes i wish i could find a way to get out of this house and move in with people like me NOW so I can thrive with people who share life/laughter daily.  Living alone is not the best thing for me.  I muddle and putter through, but it is not the best thing, I tell myself I can do it for another five years, but then what?  Do it for another five years right? is loneliness personified.  
Have to use a medicated mouth rinse that is going to stain my teethers and then in November they will polish that off.........sigh.  Dental work is yucky.  seriously yucky.  i lived.  HUG ME small job right now is to recuperate.
i am not up to doing the dishes, emptying the dishwasher, doing laundry, changing the kitty litter......or taking a shower.  i did take a spit bath, fresh jammies, hair up in a pony........let dishes soak......i can stare at stuff and sit on my duff. 
i sprayed apple cinnamon smell good stuff at the kitty litter.........i am soooooooooo not kidding, i can't bend enough to deal those cards today............sad but true.  laugh with me, don't freak out, it's not so bad that we have to evacuate today.........tomorrow maybe but not today.
if i hadn't typed a billion words mph in my former life i wouldn't be able to do this now on auto pilot.  I am allergic to Benadryl, but I can take Loratidine to counteract hives.  whew.  Hey........noticed that the  knockout rose bushes are all in this the final hurrah of the season?  I was so surprised to see all those pretty roses yesterday.........I have got to LOOK OUTSIDE more.
Final question, have ya'll heard of EARTHING sometimes called GROUNDING as a therapy?  If so what do you think of it?  Curious to know your thoughts.................hugs, love, ruthie



Sorry about the dentist! Ugh! I need to go but can\'t quite make myself make that call to schedule. Maybe in a few weeks.

I don\'t think I could live alone. I\'d so more depressed than I am normally. I\'m so glad you have the kits. I know it\'s not the same but it does make a difference. Unrequited love. They don\'t care if you don\'t shower, or fart in bed, or look like death warmed over. They can even forgive not scooping for a day.

Hang in there! You are loved!

hug hug

I have a good dentist here and I still hate going. SS has just done a number on my teeth..
yes, cats would be perfect companions if only they could clean their own litter box :) hehe
It\'s an allergy day here too.. lots of wind. took a generic Claritin, which I don\'t do often because of the exacerbated dry mouth, but today it\'s worth it.
Hugs, my new friend, we\'re always here for listening, venting, whatever :)

I think JenBen is really sorry about the dentist. It bore repeating! LOL....DS stinks sometimes, doesn\'t it??? stupid.

Sorry you have to stain your toofers with a dental rinse. Haven\'t heard of that before. Maybe it has some kind of antibiotic properties about it??? I duunnoo!

I wouldn\'t be able to live alone with this illness. I\'m quite sure of it. I\'d feel wonky too! You\'re totally sane and brilliant you know, Sparrow! Your lack of socialization has not taken your talents and skills from you. You simply lack the energy to apply them as you once did.

I\'d have to live with someone else with CFS. I mean if I didn\'t have Bobby. He understands, and I\'m not feeling like I\'m being judged. He is my blessing! But if I had to live alone, I\'m not quite sure how I\'d handle those middle of the night pain attacks, panic attacks....all the trips up and down stairs....folding laundry would just never happen, and I\'d starve to death. Sure of it!!

I do hope you get to feeling better. I\'ve had some good days lately, after a summer long crashiness. It\'s been a miracle. The change in weather knocks me for a loop for about two weeks, and then I feel better, in general in the cool weather than I do all summer!!

Rest well tonite, sweet Sparrow. I think of you every morning when I hear the birds ouside my window. Reminds me to pray for you!

My anxiety and my dentist don\'t mix. I feel for you! Allergies on top of it from the procedure, holy cow. Your right, just rest up, everything else can wait! I am on the same page with you about the spray, bought some myself! I keep hoping it will help with the dust though, LOL. Feel better sparrow, Love ya, Connie

Hi Ruthie...sent you some email :) Rest up sweetie. angel hugs xo

Living alone has some draw backs, but I have to say I\'ve been lonelier with the wrong roommate than when alone. I guess \'aloneness\' doesn\'t have to be the same as loneliness eh? Do take care of Ruthie as U recoup!