Reality check

Sorry I was not writing yesterday was upset.  I went to my moms funeral cried through the whole thing after the funeral went home spoke to my uncle because he did not show and got upset talking to him about it.  The house is mine the car is mine and all six kids will be under my care.  Two days ago before i left for funeral I was on DS talking t brielle on my journal entry thats where she confronted me brielle was on her computer and i was on alex's anyways brielle lied to me that she was not pregnant when its obvious shes huge but she admitted it on my last journal entry that shes three months.  yesterday i took her to the doctor and the doc did an ultrasound two heart beats brielle was smiling i believe she wanted this when she said it was an accident.  she wants to keep them Im not sure shes capable of handling twins Idk Should i kick her out of the house should i keep her here with the others theres no more room for another kid seriously this house is packed until the xtention gets put on but still not gonna be enough room for another kid my mom plannd on getting the boys Alex and chris out of the livingroom and into a bedroom now they can have my moms room i got to clean it out though it seems hard for me right now.  my mom planned on having three more bedrooms added on plus another bathroom i called the contractors told them my mom died they said its still being done because its been paid for.  How am i gonna raise all those kids on my own.  Idk I need advice HELP!!!