ready for beddy

Hmmm... Long Weekend.  Lots of work - LOTSSA work.  But I survived.And got my work done in time to catch the season finale of Doctor Who.  I am admittedly addicted to the show.  I must say it rocked.  LAughed, howled and hooped and cried like a baby.  Good medicine, stuff like that. Having wierd hormone flux.  Very odd.  With Migraines before my menses and now perhaps after as well - hasn't fully exploded yet, so it might pass with out hitting full force.  But I'm still having some of the other things that come with my migraines, like feeling disconnected, disorganized, spacey - and a tad more emotional that usual. wierd. OK!  was driving home from errands in the next town down the highway when suddenly - BAM I felt like I was lost - couldn't recognize a single thing  - not the highway, signs, the fields or homes I see all the time - not even the mountains on both sides.I haven't had a major fog-out like that in years.  Lucky it only lasted a mile or so then  - tada - everything is back to normal.  When I first had Fibromalgia I had these little fog-outs fairly often - always when driving and usually near home - total "lostness" for a minute or two.  It got so I know what was happening and jsut continued driving as I knew it would end shortly and I'd know where I was.  When I got sick last year with what ended up being several vugs behind CFIDS I started having thema gain - after about a decade without.  but only 3 or 4 times.  I hadn't had it happen here in Hawaii before. Good thing it didn't happen when I first moved!  cuz I really didn't know where I was. wish I knew the science b ehind these things - read somewhere that they are related in some way to petit mal seizures - not that they are PM but that there is a seizure aspect to them.  hmmm... I 've been kicking back since 2 ish after work, some reading, some tv, now online.About 1 half hour ago I went from feeling darn good to  - pow - feeling like I have a major cold  - in my head, chest, sinuses - for petes sake.  gotta be allergies or somethng. my health is a freakin mystery.   I'd do so much to get rid of this stuff.  I'm almost willing to try that Australian doc's protocol - oh poop - mind fart strikes again - can't think of the name - the one with major herxin and avoiding all forms of vit d, food, sunlite, and also bright light indoors.  what a way to live.  but  - if it worked - would i be able to give up a couple years of sunlight for that?   gotta consider it.  much more research to do on it first. the dog is snoring up a storm.  Must be bed time.