ramble ramble ramble

kind of having a blah day today i guess. woke up after 9:30, tired still. fed the bunny and cats, well the two that are mine and my boyfriends, the other two cats are my sisters, and there bowls are in there room so i dont dare go in there to make noise, not when shes sleeping, since she is pregnant and wud be mad if i woke her up. so i fed the pets and then came back to the living room, on the pull out couch where my boyfriend and i are sleeping.soo much privacy (not). then waiting for my computer to stop pissing me off, i decided to go to the store and check my lottery ticket, it was for 12 million dollers.. i wasnt a winnner. not that i was expecting to be, but ill admit it was a little disapointing to find out i didnt win a single thing, then again what do i expect it was a lousy 2 doller ticket. i came back, with a 2 litre of pop and a scratch ticket, won three dollers on the scratch ticket, so that paid for itself and logged back onto my computer where it still proceeded to give me a hard time, for a few minutes. its fine now.
im sitting here, kind of irritated... i want something to eat, dont hear that form my mouth too often but i sayin it now. ive been really good for eating. im eating enough in a day (i think), a couple times a day anyways. so thats all good. but when i want somehting good to eat, theres nothing fucking here, and that kind of irritates me. we have. pickles, crackers, peanut butter, and mini raviolie in a can. yum.. not. i dont want any of that. and fast foods not really good for you... i like it yes, but its not healty, it costs money, but worst of all, i have to go for a walk to get it, and im kinda in the lazy mood. go figure.
alos doesnt help when dishes are never done.. so when there is food, in order to cook, gotta wash the stupid dishes. they were done last night, most of them i think.
were lookin for a bigger place for the four of us (my boyfriend and i, and my sister her boyfriend and their baby thats on the way). but were not having any luck. IVE been looking for like three months now... and no luck. because everything i do find, theres always "soemthing wrong with it" which is stupid take what you get.
i want my own place, just me and my boyfriend. and i could do it, we could. i just, the reaosn were lookin for a place with the four of us s to save money for everyone. but im getting fed up with sleeping on the couch, getting fed up with having no room, no privacy, no place for my stuff.. i mean ive been here three months adn my shits still in boxes. boxes that one of her cats tries to pee in at that... and i have important stuff... stuff that means alot to me. so if the cat pees on anything of any value to me, i will be very mad. the cats peeing all over the place.. and the other one of my sisters has recently started there boys, not fixed. i dont want my cat to start peeing.... and hes fixed.  hes been a really good cat, and i dont want him peein on the floor and in stuff like hers.  im ready to just move out on my own. its just hard cause i have to make sure the boyfriends ok with it.
i want to foster a child, but my sister doesnt want me doing that while were all in the same house.. way to crash down my dreams.. she doesnt want me to do a home child care in the home either (a bigger place when we got it). like can i not do anything??? i dont mean to shoot my sister down. i just. it frustrates me, it really does. but im tired of being the only one really looking for a place, i mean y boyfriend works all day but he looks at the places i find at night, and thats alright. and my sister works nights, but she doesnt go out of her way to look for places that might work. and her boyfriend doesnt do it ever. so its just me really. and evernything i find, i contact, i make a viewing, and we go see it. they come with me to see it, only so they can see what it looks like and there imput (which is always shooting it down). i dont know how im supposed to keep looking when eveyrthin i find is always shot down.. doesnt make sense to me clearly they dont care so much to even find another place, why? because they HAVE a bedroom, they HAVE privacy. i dont
sorry.. im done rambling..