Rain, hail, earthquakes...

...sigh.  This Peatree puppy may never get that outside really is THE place to do business!!  Beefy and I stayed outside with him getting completely soaked to no avail.  He just tried to hide between my legs and never did go. I have to give that prize to Beefy, he went outside in 2 foot of snow, -30 degrees and in the rain and hail!!
I'm feeling pretty good before bed tonight.  I had a relaxing weekend, all caught up with school work finally, did well on all the big tests, and feel I can start off this week fresh and refreshed.  I didn't get the housework caught up, but I think we can all pitch in and do a room or two each day and be good by next weekend.
My son completed his school punishment of having to go every Saturday morning for 4 hours, and my daughter helped him with his math homework tonight...so hopefully we can maintain getting him back on track with his school and motivation.
I have an actual date tentatively planned for the weekend of the 11th.  Bit excited, bit nervous, and hopeful for a light, fun time.
Now, if the weather would just cooperate, I might get these puppies housebroken - almost just does not count!!



I can\'t wait to hear about the date ... how exciting.

Housebreaking is so exhausting!!!

-30 ... I don\'t blame the puppy one bit for not going!!! hahaha

Good job on the tests!!!