Pushing It....

Chantelle and Danny called it quits. She was left to pay bills by herself. It would seem like a sudden load, but he never worked more then a week at a time and then went a month between jobs, so she has been paying bills by herself all along. Now she has one less person to glom off of her, she should be better off.
Instead, she spends 1600 bucks on unecessary cosmetic procedures for her great dane puppy, that she just haaad to have when she and Danny were together, and they spent 1000 getting the dog. The dog she won't shut up about, how she can breed him and people will pay 2000 for his puppies because he is so perfect. Um, he's a freaking dime a dozen black dane and no one in their right freaking minds is going to pay that much.
Plus, she started smoking again. And at least four nights a week she goes out and parties. Lingerie competitions, late night fires, bars. Her FB name is often things like "out til 4am getting hammered! gotta be up at 6am for work". Now I get it, she's free and she feels like spreading her wings.
But she's not free. She has a son. And a house to pay rent on, and because she has 3, that's right, 3 big dogs, and one just had 6 puppies, she can't find a cheaper place to live that allowes pets. And god forbid she get rid of them so she and Julian can eat. Instead she pays teenagers to watch her kid while she drinks.
Then her car breaks, and she gets a started for it but has no one to install it, so she has been hitching rides everywhere.
Now, today I watch Julian, like I do every single week day, from 730am until when ever she is off. Today is was 4pm. She shows up and the first thing she says is 'do you have anything to eat, I'm starving.' I say 'no.' She goes 'nothing? I'm so hungry' So I'm already upset with how she has been acting, and I tell her flat out that we have to make our food last because I have no income for a while. She goes 'oh.'
I watch Julian for FREE. I feed him 2 to 3 meals a day, and he is so crazy picky that most of it goes to waste. I pay to take him swimming. I buy him treats when we are out.
Then after our little food exchange I mention that Julian has had nothing to eat all day but a banana for morning snack. Lunch was cheese sandwiches with pickles on the side and a glass of milk. As usual, he refused to eat any of it. He sat there for 45 minutes until nap time, not eating anything. He is 3 months older then Marlow. Mar ended up eating his pickles, but his sandwich went hard and crusty. So she tells me, she actually up and says 'well I guess you better feed him something before we go then'.
WHAT?? Maybe I'm over reacting, but I got the sudden urge to punch my little sister in the face. I watch her kid, I feed him, I do it all for free, giving away my days so that she can work to pay her bills. Then she guilt trips me saying that she has no food in her house, so if he doesn't eat here then she doesn't know what she will feed him.
I was furious, but I can't let him starve because she's being an idiot. So I made a peanut butter sandwich (his garunteed eating food) and sent it with him when her ride showed up.
And to add insult to injury I found out that there is a government program that will help low income families pay family members for child care. It's no more the a couple hundred a month, but that will at least cover the food he wastes, and she hasn't made a move to look into it. Now her excuse is that her car is broken. So she can't get to the government building.
I want to tell her to take my baby sitting services and stick em where the sun don't shine. But if she doesn't have a sitter she can't work, and if she doesn't work it's Julian who suffers. And as much as he is a pain in my ass most days, I do love the little guy, and I figure sooner or later he is going to figure out that at Aunties you eat what's put before you and nothing else.
I'm just getting really really mad, and really really repetitive since I'm sure I've typed this 9 times. I feel like she is taking advantage of me left, right and centre, and doing her best to make me feel bad for her short comings!