Productive Week (work)

Wow, I accomplished in 4 days what was supposed to take 10. And it didn't go unnoticed. The client (manager and director both) gave me a "good job" and my team lead kept exclaiming how great I was doing... more than once called me a 'testing machine'. I really didn't think we'd make the deadline and we did, well I did pretty much. I had one guy helping me and honeslty he did extremely little. We actually got an extension until end-of-day wednesday to finish the tests I assigned to him (12 out of 150 or so).  I do my very best at all times so its nice to know it is recognized. The last few weeks were so stressful I needed this to be able to tolerate work for a while longer.
Now I am starting a 3 day weekend. And since I don't really celebrate Easter I just get to enjoy 3 days off. I am at bf's now waiting for him to get off work. He is scheduled to work all weekend (evenings) but I need the 'me' time anyway so I won't mind being alone. And at his place there is no one depending on me for anything and no responsibility beyond the normal everyday stuff I would do normally anyway. A great end to a good week. I am not going to think about next week until monday morning.



Everyone like to get recognized for doing good work!!! Enjoy your weekend. Eric