Preparing for the storm

For those who I haven't told yet.......I hate being cold!!!! LOL
Like the rest of the country, or the majority of it anyway, we are expecting snow tonight. Kansas has been lucky, or at least where we live. I think we have only had a total of 4 or 5 inches so far all winter. That is very unusual for us by this time of year. But, the word from the meteorologist on the noon news....up to 7 inches by Wednesday when the snow stops. So, I had to prepare.
Got the boys to school, dogs out for a while, got dressed and headed out to the next town, Kingman, which is 12 miles from here. That is where the grocery store is, the pharmacy, ect. The town I live in has a place to get gas, milk and pizza, but only one of those was on my list for today, so I had to venture out.
The freezing drizzle had already started early this morning and I had to start the car and let it heat up for a little bit. The roads weren't too bad yet. I travel paved roads, but the back way,  so I don't have to get on a highway where semi trucks might hit a slick spot and cross over the center line.  I notice all of the livestock huddled against the fences, a sure sign that a major cold snap and storm are heading our way. The county trucks have already gone down the roads and scattered sand at the intersections so that travelers can stop.  We live on the last paved road in our county and the trucks don't always remember to come our way for sand on the roads, so I am thankful they got here this time.  I couldn't help but hear Jeff's voice telling me to quit driving like an "old lady". It irritated him that I was overly cautious, as he'd say. When we got snow, he and the boys would load up into his Dodge truck and go find somewhere to do doughnuts and slide in the ice and snow. Usually a field right out my back window where he knew I would watch to make sure nobody got hurt. When he'd come home he'd just smile, knowing that I hated that!!! But he'd say the  boys and he were just practicing their defensive driving skills. LOL
The grocery store wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. I'm glad I got there and home before it did. I know by the time school is out and work is over, the grocery store will be a zoo.
Now, I'm home. I've put away the groceries, let the dogs out again, have a hot cup of coffee and decided to journal before I got to work. The house is silent, which I use to love. Now, I would give anything just to hear Jeff's snores coming down the hallway. I guess I will turn on some music so the silence isn't so deafening.



Best of luck with the impending storm. Gonna hit us in PA tonight too. Would be nice to have someone to discuss it with. Hang in there. Hugs, Kip.

Kip is right the storm is going to hit Pa. tonight. I am not looking forward to it. I am tired of shoveling snow. I miss the snoring too, never thought I\'d say that, but it was kind of comforting to know another person was around. Just got back from the store and it was a zoo. Hope you rid out the storm ok, and stay warm. Hugs Jane