Post Christmas

Yesterday Luke and I went to our dad's for dinner. It was so good and I actually got some conversation in with Chi. She even came back to sit down at the dinner table to talk about what the Vietnamese eat at this holiday even though they don't exactly celebrate Christmas itself as we do in America. But we stayed for dinner and then some dessert and we closed some of the night with video games in the basement, even dad came down to play. I think it was a good Christmas with all going on. My dad bout me a work out system called Power 90(P90). He works out with P90X, a system a little more aggressive than mine. He bought something similar for Chi as well. 
I am going to be going back there on Monday or Tuesday. I am hoping that it is Monday. I want to get back home and begin my new academic term. I need to order books and find an internship. My mom is making me feel guilty about leaving. She thinks that it has something to do with my father telling me something, when he has not said a thing to me about being obligated to return home, it's simply been enough time and I need to get back on my routine. I hope she can understand when I want to leave. I know that she wont mind, she is just trying to protect me because she knows that I don't get along with my step mom and sometimes feel uncomfortable around her and the house when it is messy. But, none the less I am excited to get back to the house, back to my room and back to my routine. 
Today I want to go to "I Love You Phillip Morris," but Lucas doesn't want to go and the movie is in a half hour so i don't know if we'll make it. But, I think that we are going to go see the film so I may journal later. 
Goodnight moon.