Poor Me!

This is definitely a "poor me" day - not sure why exactly.  The fact that I have not been able to get  a job in almost a year is not helping my self esteem, and the week long rain is depressing.  Also I realize that this is July and at the end of the month (24th) I've got to make it through our wedding anniversary which would have been 16 years.  I'm feeling tired and  old; I am just so sick of trying to cope with everything alone.  I know that my problems are nothing compared to some widows/widowers out there, and I know I will feel better - probably tomorrow, but today I am just so SAD!



I\'m so sorry to hear that you are feeling so sad, but don\'t you worry about the \"poor me\" days because we all have them!
I also know how hard it will be for you, facing your anniversary. Rich passed one week before my birthday and only a month before our 37th. wedding anniversary. That was really tough, but somehow I made it through. Then a couple of weeks ago, I had his birthday and Father\'s Day, all in one weekend! Yikes, thought I would scream, but again, made it through.
I can totally relate about the job situation. Even though I had gotten that one, which now I had to give up, it wasn\'t enough money to live on, only part time work and without a car, jobs are hard to come by, so believe me,
I can certainly sympathize with you.
You will feel better and then you will experience the \'poor me\' days, but just remember, we all do the same thing and you are never truly alone, you have us!!
Peace & Love to you always, Mo - P.S. At 56, I feel old, too!

I have those \'poor me\' days when it seems nothing goes right and I to tired to have to make any decisions at all. Hang in there....we\'re here to help make those days bearable for each other....