Ok, so DS is glitching up on me lately. Everyday it has gotten worse. Today my avi deleted and gave me one of those DS default pictures. It was a man one, which was very odd for me to have since I'm female. So I spent about an hour finally getting somehwere, to only end up with this  cloud and sun. It's not letting me upload any of my own avi's, I feel like my identity has been stripped from me. My HUGS are glitching up when I click send and only about 1/5 of them are actually being sent. PM's are not working nor is writing a discussion in a forum. If someone could get some help for me, that would be greately appreciated. Because as of right now DS is pointless for me. And I'm un able to ask for help. I'm really unsure why my journal entries work. I feel like I'm being punished for something.