Please Read

To all my friends.I know it has been a while since i have been here. I am sorry for leaving with out a word. I hope you all are doing good.I am in a very bad place and have been for a while. There is just too much to go in to right now. Just that i have lost a lot in the past few months. I just hope i haven't lost the good friends from here. I still think about you all often. i wish there was more to say but i am at a lose for words.   Good you Guy



And I love you too. It saddens me to know you are in such pain. So many of my friends here are challenged at this time. I know words are little comfort, but know this, you are a magnificent being and worthy of joy, love and caring. Please hang tough, you are never forgotten my friend.
hope and hugs, Rebecca

Sorry to hear things are rough for you. I\'ve been away for a while myself (status epilepticus). It\'s going to take a while to get myself together again but hope to be in touch soon. Take care - you\'re a good friend.

You can never lose me, I am
here for you. I understand,
that it is not alway easy to
keep up with everything, when
things are not going well. I
am with you in spirit and
hope things get better soon.
love and hugs,

OOPS...this was meant for Tattyhead,
but it can be for you as well..I guess. I
hope that things get better for you
soon. Nice to meet you.