Please, NO!!!!

Well, I’ve had another sleepless night, boy, do they get tiresome ( no pun intended ). I thought I might sleep well last night with hubby home but I didn’t. My mind is just racing as fast as it can go. I can’t shut it down. That’s NOT a good sign for me. It can be a precursor of bad things to come!! I’m finding that everyday my stress level goes up a bit. I’m really trying to stay positive, you know talk the talk, walk the walk and it will help. Well, sometimes it just doesn’t. It is just a mask you put on for others and a way to fool yourself. It just seems like one bad thing after another has been happening, or not bad necessarily but adds stress. I’m at the point right now that I truly regret putting the house on the market. I am only committed to the deal until Sept 16 and then I can back out with out penalty. Unless, something miraculous happens, I think I’ll just take it off the market. After all I love my home. Yes, it still needs on going renos but that’s okay. Maybe I’ll get a line if credit at the bank and do some if the more expensive repairs. After all they pre-approved a mortgage for a heck of a lot more than I’d be looking for in a line of credit. We’ll see!!!! The latest in my negative karma is that as I was cleaning the livingroom yesterday I happened to look up at the ceiling. And there was this circular white and black spot the size of a stove pipe. I thought maybe the chimney had leaked with all of the wind and rain. Anyway, long story short.. It is the upstairs shower pipe leaking. It has never happened before but then again my daughter has been here and so the shower is getting double use everyday. And she takes long.... showers. Michael said it may simply be the seal has dried out. If it’s the pipe leaking that’s a major reno!!! ripping up floors or ceilings or both depending on where the pipe is. Needless to say we have to get it repaired and the painting done today just in case someone wants to see the house. That would be just my luck!!! Oh, yah, woe is me. Sorry about the bitch/complain session gals but I know you’ll put up with me.Well, it’s 5:17, I think I might try to go back to bed and at least lay down for an hour or so. I hope each of you finds a precious moment to cherish today. Debbie