Picking up Pieces

Picking up the pieces on an early Wednesday afternoon (where I am, anyway):
* I have a post up in the Depression group if anyone has any aggravations, issues, etc. that they just need to dump for whatever reason.  This may become a regular thing if I notice that enough people have enough stuff to dump...or if anybody at all finds it useful.
* Motivation seems to have flatlined the last 48 hours...I haven't made major progress on my training since last Friday, and it's not because I don't want to do it.  The abuse with stuff issues I mentioned however-long-it-was-ago is definitely factoring in, although that is closer to actually being experimented with as far as possible solutions go than it was a week back.
* Manchester United's barnstorming tour of the US as part of the World Football Challenge series has so far been a joke; they've outscored American top division sides by a combined 14-2 over three matches (4-1, 7-0, and 3-1 respectively).  If that's not a sign that the US Soccer Federation needs to get with the program and institute promotion-relegation, I don't know what is.