Peters mum need him

Hi all. If you have been  reading my last few jurnals on myy epileptic friend Mike & the  HIDIOUS NIGHTMAIR HE IS IN then you will know who the guy Peter is in al  of it. For you who dont. Mike  the nieghbours & I ARE To cut a long story short Peter's victims but it may be seen too that Peter is also his own victim. To show I mean him NO harm ect  please read on & help. Peter has said to people that part him wants to return home to his mum in thier own home toun out side Scotland as he says his mum has not got long to live  non of here other family ect bother about her so he wants to go to do al he can for her before its  too late but also after.  Please add this to your prayers for us . It would benefic Mike the neighbours me  Peter as well as his dear mum for this to happen So please pray hard to Jesus that he makes all things swiftly turn out this way. Please ask others any where to pray tooo and to pass the prayer onn but also to do any thing paosibel to help.  It would benefit Peter's mum as she would have some help from him ect It would benefit the neighbours where Peter & Mike  are living beside just now as they would no longer be his victims in the way thay are or at all It would benefit Mike as he too would no longer be Peters victim & would be able to freely live hius life & get back to me. It would benefit Me as then I could freely get on witrh my job as Mike's carer. it could benefit Peter as he may then do what he needs to to sort him self out to take care of his mum.  So it would be doing  good for all concerned & me doing Gods work that he has given me to do but I clearly cant do it alone. Thank you take care God bless & hugs & love from Graham