Paranoia and an over-active imagination

I just got back today from New York, I am totally exhausted. Tomorrow is my relaxing day.
Another side effect I have been experiencing for a while has been weird thoughts of sorts. I have been taking all sorts of situations and creating them to be these big horrible events in my mind.
Driving by a child on the side of the road becomes having visions of the kid running in front of my car and the gruesome aftermath.
Being in a prop plane becomes imaging the propeller on the wing coming lose and tearing through the cabin mid flight killing me and everyone else.
Having to break hard on the highway because the car in front of me slows down suddenly creates the image in my mind of me not breaking in time and slamming into the car in front of me.
Now, this has be happening LESS OFTEN recently. It was happening a lot before the weekend, and by this time now that the weekend is over it doesn't happen nearly as much, thank god. That coincides with me stopping the Risperdal and starting the Abilify. I am thinking that somehow the Risperdal was causing that.
Anyway, I'm going to go collapse now. I am so damn exhausted



Rest well and I hope you awake feeling so much better.

:-) Patricia