One month

My last drink was Dec. 12.
I don't have to label myself.  Okay, I'm an alcoholic.  My stories won't make the Big Book.  It's enough that I don't want to ever have another hangover.  I know it's hard for me to stop drinking before it's too late.  It takes about a 6 pack for me to feel it the next day.  But on a typical Friday or Saturday, I'll have 12-18.  I know I'll feel like shit the next day.  But I drink it anyway.  That's a bit out of control.  I've been pretty good about drinking and driving in recent years.  I know I've been over the limit a few times, but not so drunk I felt like I couldn't drive.  However, over the limit is enough to fuck up a life.  Mine, or God forbid, somebody else's.  So that's enough reason to quit too.  No, I've never been in rehab. I  don't black out.  I have had times when I wasn't sure and I went out to the driveway to see if there were any dents I didn't remember.  Nothing yet.  So, I could be worse.  But it's enough to want to stop.  I've been fortunate not to have worse problems.
If I feel guilty about anything, it's about my son. He watched me growing up, drinking whatever I want.  He drinks now.  He's had 1 DUI and another close call.  I mailed him the Big Book.  I know he went to 1 AA meeting.  Maybe that's a seed.  I just don't want him to fuck up his life because of alcohol.