One Hail of a night/day?

Ok so my car.... uhmm...Branden just got off of work and had a bad day at work. We went to pick up my car and it wasn't ready. Again....But this time it was the gas line! I could not even drive it because it could have caused the car to explode! So I call kelly (my roommate) No answer. Asked everyone in Branden family and even called my 1/2 cousins.One one could give me the ride to town. I couldnt call my dad because theirs no way his car can make it out that far. So I call my Grandpa Harry. I had to read all the signs to both sail inn and
my house then peter piper. He drove 50 the whole way to town. Got the
pic,When to chandler,saw no internet because she had already pack it.
So I drove to the chandler peter piper and sat in the parking lot and turned my hour in by 11:32p.
When home and me and my grandpa started packing up Kelly's boyfriends
truck.Sassy got out of her moving box and kicked the ass of another
cat. Then just walked straight into her moving box and waited for me.
She was their for at lest 30Min, because I just gave up trying to get
her and started packing again.Got all my stuff in the Mesa house by
My grandpa drove home and I helped kelly move all her shit.we had
breakfast at The Waffle House at 6am. Then packed more of her
crap.Sleept at 9ish am.
So That was my night last friday. Im in Prescott now do a show for the 4th July for mix 96.9. The pics will be on my facebook soon.  :)