One straight into another

Itty bitty baby steps...that's really all it is at the moment.  The one thing I've been gathering, other than the obvious my self-esteem-needs-an-overhaul conclusion, is that I seem to have tons and tons of inner conflicts.  Even though I've learned my lesson from my puzzle addiction, the scars still remain: When I effectively took yesterday afternoon off after finishing up my legal ethics class (results will be available soon), I opted to do nothing rather than try to break something out and risk overdoing it.  You could say I feel vulnerable to that end.
So now it's on to pharmacy technician certification training.  This could potentially get rough, since if I had to choose I'd like to lock it up before September 6 (the date that fall classes start).  My feeling is that if paralegal studies start interfering with the training I'll be in over my head.
The good news here is that I've checked the hours that I've logged to date and I will absoultely hit the magic 500 within the next few weeks, which adds some extra incentive to get started on it now.
One problem I do see is that I get that I need to take breaks doing this self-study to a better degree than I did with the legal ethics course.  But at the moment, there really isn't anything I trust I can use to do so responsibly.  I picked a hard time to be trying to work through what feels like an endless list of inner conflicts.
But let's be honest.  Considering current situation, there is no perfect time to do that.  So it seems that I'm going to be here at night a lot, especially the next six or so weeks.