One course in the bag, but still....

This morning I wrapped the first of my three courses for the semester, which does not have a final (the other two do, and those are next week).  I have the credits safely in the bag...but I still feel bugged because of a peculiar and perhaps controversial train of thought.  Please use discretion before you decide to read on.
This course was in computer concepts...a handy course, seeing how so much stuff is on computers these days (plus, by my own admission, my skills were out of date).  The course material was not the problem.  The way the exams were proctored was.
The format for these exams was open book, open notes.  I realize some professors prefer to do this, particularly if they feel the course material is difficult.  And sometimes that's founded.  But I have a real problem with that format.  Open book, in my view, creates a kind of disincentive to learn.  And I have been stressing out bad enough this semester that on a couple of the exams I basically abused the privilege, nailing good scores without studying.
My final grade will be good but I feel that I didn't earn it because of the open book format.  I would rather be in a you-know-it-or-you-don't situation.  But here's what's really screwed up: I don't think anybody in the class earned their grades because of that format (to me, even though the professor stipulated that this would be how it is loud and clear at the start, it still translates in my head as cheating, even if in the strict sence it's not.  I warned you this might come off as controversial to some of you.)
I've definitely picked up some useful Microsoft Office skills from the course, but still...I'm not satisfied.  It feels like nothing is good enough at the moment.