Once In A Blue Moon Sort Of Day

Today was oddly surreal.  It felt like for one day, just one day, I was living someone else's life.  Someone normal, without my basket case family and my nut house issues.
It started out so normal.  Marlow woke up at 10, later then normal, but the time change has thrown her routine out the window!  We hung out at home, she had a short nap at noon and I just read a book and did some housework.
Then Joey got home and asked if I minded if he went to the driving range.  I told him I didn't mind as long as he was willing to drop me, Kongo(the dog) and Marlow at the dog park.  He said no problem.
So he left us there, and we began our walk.  He text me ten minutes later to tell me that the course had opened up early and if I minded if he played a quick 9.  He said it would only be an hour or so.
It was soooo beautiful out, +10 today!  I told him to go ahead.  Well, the game turned out to be almost three hours!  But, I didn't care.  Normally I would of found myself getting cross, but it didn't seem to matter.
Not with the sun beating on my face, the wind blowing my hair, my daughter laughing at all the dogs and my own dog actually behaving.  So I walked for almost three hours.  Talking to whomever wanted to talk, meeting other parents, other pet owners.
Then when Joey shows up, instead of being his usual defensive self, he tells me that because he ran late he's taking me out to supper.  That NEVER happens!  And he tells me that the couple from his work he was golfing with, will be joining us.  I like the couple.  They are really nice and so much fun and they don't seem to mind that we have an infant daughter and are limited in some of our activities.  They adjust to accomodate Marlow.  We have been doing more and more with them lately.
So we go for supper.  And it's fun.  Lots of laughter, good food, Marlow was still in a good mood!  And she made the older gentleman behind us smile like crazy. 
We come home and Joey gets his lunch ready for work....and cleans up after himself!  That also never happens.  Then, my computer has been on the fritz, and suddenly today it fixes itself!
What a good day.  Makes me nervous about tomorrow though!



LOL. How sad is it that when we have a good day we have to wonder when the next bad thing is going to happen. Like was that just a way to make the terrible thing that happens tomorrow seem not so bad? I don\'t know if that\'s just human nature.... maybe there are normal people who can take a good day as just a good day. Maybe there are even people who have days like that almost EVERY DAY! How nice would that be?? I don\'t know... when I was younger, everyday was a bad day. As I\'ve gotten older (and gotten clean!), things have changed and most days are at least OK days... not great days, but days I can deal with. Lately it seems like the bad days have been popping up more and more though... my problem when I was younger was ME- it was MY outlook giving me bad days, so that gave me the power to be the one to change that. It wasn\'t easy, but I\'ve slowly been able to change my attitude towards life. Now, however, my bad days are caused by outside forces- other people, my health issues, etc. THAT I have no control over so I can\'t change those days. I guess I just need to make the most of the really good days and keep in mind, on a bad day, that it always passes and gets better.
And isn\'t it amazing how much influence the weather has on our mood?? I enjoy nice spring days, but I HATE summer, I just dread it... having to stay locked inside where it\'s cool and comfortable... getting all swollen and feeling icky from the heat and humidity... my pain gets worse when that happens. I love the winter- watching the beauty of the snow, getting to be the only one sitting outside, being bundled up, under a blanket, watching a movie. Winter is so cozy and homey. The spring days are amazing too though... I just know what they lead to so it\'s hard to enjoy them. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. My birthday\'s in July so I should be a summer person, but I\'m just not... although I will be going on my first vacation in ten years this summer!! I\'m at least looking forward to that.
Anyway, sorry to ramble on and on... I usually read your journal entries when I get a notification that you posted one, but it looks like I missed a few so I\'m checking them out. :)

lol, np...i write them when i need to vent, and that alot these day! my birthday is in july too....but i love summer! fall and spring are nice as well. winter....well....that i could do without. everything is cold and dead....yech..lol