Olympics Without You

Dear Fred,
Tonight I would like to direct this letter to Nick.  Thanks, Fred.
Dear Nick:
This week I have been watching the Olympics.  This year they are in London.  During the Olympics that were held in Salt Lake City Ut, you and I watched the Olympics together.  We had such a good time.  We shared our ideas about the performances and just enjoyed each other's company along with a Gin & Tonic or two.  When we watched then it never occurred to me that the next time I watched them I would be by myself.
Tonight if I closed my eyes and just listened to the television I could almost imagine you sitting beside me on the sofa.  It is so strange to have such a familiar experience (watching the Olympics) but at the same time realize how life has completely changed and you will never watch them with me again.
I didn't have any Gin & Tonics.  In fact I haven't had one here at home for... well, I can't remember how long it has been but it has been a long long time.  They just do not taste the same without you to share them with.  I had a glass of ice chips tonight instead.  Pretty exciting,  huh?!
I wish you could have watched the Olympics tonight.  I remember you telling me that England never meddled in any of the events.  Well, tonight England blew them all away by taking the Bronze Meddle in the men's Gymnastics.  It was really great to see how happy the team and coach were.  It was pretty special.  I have missed you all evening long but I really missed you when England did so well in Gymnastics.
Who would have guessed the last time w watched these together that you weren't going to be able to be here with me to watch theme as well.  It's been a bitter-sweet evening.  The memories make me feel close to you but knowing you died 16 months ago makes me feel so alone at the same time.
I have also see some very nice views of The London Eye, Houses of Parliament and even the Beef Eaters, Tower of London and the Crown Jewels.  It reminded me of the times we were there.  It felt good to remember that I have had the opportunity to experience these things in real life because of you.  Thank you, Nick, for the good things you brought to my life.
I'm headed to bed for now, Nick.  I miss you reading bedtime stories to me each night.  I have started reading each night but it just isn't the same.  (The voice in my mind doesn't have that cute British accent that you had!)
So, good night for now, Nick.  Wherever you are, I love you.
July 30, 2012



Oh those memories----I spent the end of the first year remembering what had happened the year before---how clueless we were that all the things we did together that it would be the last of when he died unexpectedly---it haunted me terribly. Now here I am at 22 months and it\'s hard, but better---memories are much sweeter and comforting and grateful. I\'ve never been to England. How different it must be to see sites on tv and know you have been in that location. I used to feel that way when I would see the Vegas strip on TV and think---oh, yeah we were there---England, much more exciting:-) Hugs to you, Darlene

I\'m with you on this one. Joe and I loved watching the Olympics together and tonight I\'m watching with my dogs by my side and feeling sad about how much life has changed for me and you and all of our friends here at DS. How lovely for you to see sites you visited with Nick and at least for a moment you can close your eyes and go back to the happy times. Blessings to you! Connie

...it is just so hard...sometimes the good memories are a reminder of good times but also of our loss.....but when we can have one of those memories of a golden moment...wow....hugs....