Ok so Clonazapam doesn't work for me

I didn't write a journal last night because I was so exhausted that I ended up going to bed early.. in fact I didn't even change into pajamas or do anything I usually do at night before I fall asleep. I just collapsed.
So the day before yesterday I had my first dose of Clonazapam. It worked okay, but it didn't seem to be as good at the buspirone, and the side effects were weird. Yesterday morning I woke up early so that I could go to a meeting at 10am, so I ended up only having around 3-4 hours of sleep. I took a Clonazapam right as I walked out of the door knowing that the side effects that would make driving scary won't kick in until after I got to my destination. True enough, I got to my meeting just fine and after I walked in and sat down I started feeling drowsy. At one point I had to get up to go to the bathroom, and I was having trouble walking straight. Once I had gone to the bathroom it took me no less than THREE attempts to stand up before I could, each prior attempt I would fall right back onto the toilet seat. When I walked out I continued to have a hard time walking straight. Like I knew what I wanted to do, but my body wasn't quite following my brain's orders exactly... The good news is that throughout the entire meeting my legs did not shake in the slightest!
Normally after the meeting is over lots of people from the meeting goes to toojays to eat. My boyfriend and I decided to eat alone so we went to toojays as well but we got our own separate table. He drove me there. After the meal I was feeling more stable and we went to say goodbye to all the people at the big table. One of them asked me if I was okay, since it seemed like I had gone into the bathroom to shoot up or something. I had to assure him that its the side effects of a new anti-anxiety medication I am on. My boyfriend then brought me back to my own car and I started off. I wanted to find a police station where I could find out what to do if my Family decideds that I need to be hospitalized and I am not cooperative (If I am in a fully manic state). Unfortunately my GPS was not helping and the one place I did find was closed for the weekend. I went by my Dad's place because he was close and they welcomed me in. After talking with them a bit I noticed my anxiety coming back fairly strongly. I had taken my first dose at around 9:50am. I took my second dose around 2-3pm... so there was about a 4-5 hour time frame between them. After the second dose I felt fine, I spent most of the time sitting down so a lot of the dizziness and coordination issues didn't really come up. I played a card game with my Dad and I generally relaxed and talked about what was going on. They invited me to go to see the new harry potter movie, so I invited my boyfriend to join us too (after asking if it was ok). 
Because the side effects were showing themselves my Dad would not allow me to drive, so he drove my car while I sat with him in the passenger seat.
The second dose was starting to wearing off and my parents, my step-mother, my boyfriend, and I were heading in to the movie theater to see Harry Potter. We sat down and started watching... and I found myself crying... Throughout the movie, which was fantastic, not something I would ever normally cry to, I kept crying on and off. I was doing my best to keep it to myself too. I mean it was a great movie, and yeah there were a few times when it was appropriate to cry, and while I cried at those times too I was crying at all sorts of other times for no reason what soever!Afterwards I went to the bathroom and once I sat down in a stall a whole lot of tears came up. I did my best to stay quiet though. I just kept crying and crying though. I didn't think I was in there long before my Mom came in calling for me. I finished up, tried my tears with the toilet paper, got out to wash my hands and dry my face a little more using the mirror. In my depressed state during this time I was even thinking that I should just stop all the drugs because this isn't worth it and how is it ever going to work, I'm just going to have these bad reactions to all of the stupid drugs I will never find anything that works for me. Apparently my family was very worried about me. Then they wouldn't allow me to drive as we went to a restaurant. I still felt very depressed at the restaurant too. My family was talking about how they were concerned for me, my boyfriend was trying to explain about the side effects and getting used to drugs and all, but he agrees that this severe depression indicates that clonazapam is definitely NOT the right drug for me. My father and step mother started insisting that before the diagnosis and the drugs I was doing just fine! That I should probably never have been diagnosed and I certainly should not be on any drugs! They tried to insist that every issue I have been having before everyone deals with, that it isn't just me. That I'm not special and I don't need these diagnoses because everyone deals with what I'm dealing with, I just think I'm worse and that everyone else is fine. When I got home and it was just my Mom, my Brother, my Boyfriend, and me, we talked about what happened, why it is important for me to continue trying, how this has all effected my life before. My boyfriend spoke about how he has seen me have episodes several times in the past. My Mom thinks that perhaps the anxiety I experienced before everything on a day to day basis is normal. She thinks I should just stay on the mood stabilizer for now until we are sure that it is working fine and that there aren't any side effects from that. I am thinking totally the other way around. I would rather just try one anxiety pill at a time, and then when I find one that works start with the mood stabilizers. The small episodes I have are not all that bad for me. I seem to spend more time in manic anyway, which I am totally cool with. I just can't handle all the anxiety... it drives me up the wall!