ok, out of pain pills tommorow ahhhh sat oct 1,2011

 well here i am again, didnt even do a journal page or fill out all my paper journals. im going to be completely out of pain pills tommorow night. i am vdery afraid. on a high note. my bad legs now fit in the whell chair extention thing on the cahir  first time its been hanging off the edge of that chair eer sence the fall. ive been realy working hard w/ the weight and the band. so i guess it worked  out that way so yay. still arnt walking w/ walker much im so afraid of it sence i feel twice already. by behind still hurts like a bitch. was in that small chair and it was for my uncle who was 150 lbs soaking wet. so now am back in the big one. i am so veryt afraid of running ut of pain meds. i knew this was goin to happen. im very nasty wene dont have them im probly a little addict4ed, dont htink its a realy bad thing, i just want to be out of pain i know i will have some no matter what. but i cried this morning oever br fast. it was a pittifull site. i wish i could get some advice... ok, moore later or tommorow