ok, its friday again

well, here i am another friday night in my exiting life. no nap for me today. dn is very worried about his mom. was supposed to go out there but now not so much. mk got paid, so have to stretch 65.00 for the whole week, good luck. its so hard being so poor. i forgot what it was like i dont like any part of it. have to beg my other son for moore money. i hope i can keep my cable. it realy keeps me from losing it. it, and this is my only intertainment. i know dn wont pay for it. he is realy going to make me beg him for money. i wish he couold just take a hint. he has lots of moiney and i have none. i dont know but suspect that he and his mother sit around and talk about how im so waistfull and bad whith money and never saved. that is why im in this trouble. i know that, dont need to be reminded all the time about it. if mk would have made it in the navy, it would be different, im glad he didnt make it of course. im against this war and dont want mine in it, bvut he realy wanted it,. now he iss back to square one for him and me. at leaste he has a job. i know ill never be good enough for him. i think ill just stop trying. i would hate to have to get out there again. i watch alot of movies about people who go out whith someone new, then they find out they arent what you think they are. i dont know how much longer i can take it. he is good to me ussually, but has a tendency to realy kike me when im down. oh well, going to make something to eat and try to clean this pigstye. will write moore later.